5 ebay store design best practices

5 web design best practices

Peopel are making thousands of dolars a month from selling on Ebay. It’s like the 50’s gold rush! Amazon is doing very good as well.

When you are making your web design, the key factor is to ensure it is unique and has functionalities that will attract visitors and keep the site a life for long. As a web developer and designer, there are things that you must ensure to keep in place for you to achieve all this. Most importantly, you have to ensure you have your company’s brand, color scheme, usability considerations, website architecture, mobile compatibility, browser compatibility, navigation, appearance and functionality. Learn coding, hosting requirements, search engine optimization, content management and other things for you to have a quality website. However, among all these, there are five practices that are best and every website must ensure you use them in developing their site.

  1. Balance use of graphics, color and multimedia

Don’t turn your website into a rainbow. You may notice that some websites make you dizzy and you immediately click the back button. Too much color tends to lose the main agenda of the site and lower the CRO (conversion rate optimization). It’s also important to ensure that your color combination is top-notch to show professionalism, although your site has to have attractive features, be keen on the planning and limit the features. A call to action is vital and the colour should not be red, because that send an alarm to the visitor.  Your graphics and multimedia usage should enhance the quality of your content rather that leading your visitors to focus on them and forget the primary call of your site.

  1. Compelling layout

If you want to capture and maintain the attention of your visitors, have a good design layout. To achieve a compelling design layout, you must adhere to basic design principles as good contrast between background and text, consistent header, perfect alignment of elements, logo and navigation elements, and balance between images and text.

  1. Content organization

Once you have a compelling layout, the content of your web will determine if the ebay visitors you attracted will remain there. Therefore, rather than having what your audience target wants, you must ensure you embrace the practice of:

  • Using catchy headings and present information in a readable style
  • Easy to access content with minimal clicks
  • Use of common fonts with one to two types variation
  • Consistent colors, font size and hyperlinks
  • Kepp your visitors in the loop (longing for more)
  1. Error-free, easy navigation

Navigation is everything as far as your web page is concerned. Without navigation that page is as good as closed. It’s actually the map that directs visitors around your site. Therefore, you must ensure that the web navigation is easy and does not have any errors. Additionally, you must ensure that all the hyperlinks are working and they lead to respective places.

  1. High tech ebay shop design functionality

Functionality is basically the overall appearance of your website according to the design team at sixty4 eBay shop design. With all the above practices in place, you must ensure that your web responds well across all the browsers including the mobile users. Ensure that all the hyperlinks are working and are informative. Avoid crowding your web with lot of unnecessary information for better browser response. If you would like to do a FAQ page, create a separate page, do not try to jam everthing in one page. Remember the attention span of visitors is very very low. Also high tech functionality indicates that your visitors feel engaged and satisfied with your product and services. Functionality of your web will determine if you will generate traffic and how fast.