Boutique Hotels and Their Popularity

Boutique Hotel Designs

The boutique hotel design concept has increased in popularity now and with the huge website traffic on sites like this has helped these small boutique hotels to become hip and famous

Influential marketing has also helped. Actors, artists and other famous people how go stay there and publish their photos inside one of these hotels. The images go viral and voila, there’s a surge in bookings for that particular hotel

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The same applies to clothing brands where they ask famous people to pose with their clothes. Them more the followers on instagram and social media, the more money these actors make. Looks do matter. It’s a known fact that good looking guys and girls make more money than those who are not so good looking

Back to the boutique hotels. A boutique hotel is designed in a way that all the rooms are different, have different accessories and design. Most of them have a modern and futuristic look. Some even go to extreme lengths and make every room custom made.

This is one of the best boutique hotel designs in the word with Bvlgari soap!


Young and hip – this is what people like and hence the popularity and repeat customers and increase in demand for such hotels as opposed to the traditional hotels which all look very similar and there’s nothing intriguing about them. It is good to note that this design was created by the world famous Tharik from the leading eBay shop design company in USA.

If you would like to book one of these hotels, you can either google “boutique hotel + the place you are going to visit” or go to these huge booking engines like agoda and

If you would like, do not hesitate to ask more questions about the matter.